How to Invest in Mutual Funds? म्युचुअल फंड क्या है?

How to invest in mutual funds :  आज के समय में हर कोई सेविंग करना चाहता है और सेविंग करने के लिए म्यूचुअल फंड सबसे ज्यादा बेस्ट माना गया है म्युचुअल फंड की मदद से आप अपना पैसा सुरक्षित भी कर सकते हैं और साथ-साथ इसमें अच्छा खासा ब्याज भी प्राप्त कर सकते हैं। इंडिया में 50% से अधिक लोग अब म्युचुअल फंड में इन्वेस्ट करना पसंद कर रहे हैं क्योंकि इन्वेस्ट करने के लिए एफडी से ज्यादा म्युचुअल फंड में भरोसा किया जा रहा है बहुत सारे लोगों को पता नहीं है कि म्यूचुअल फंड में इन्वेस्ट कैसे किया जाता है और इन्वेस्ट करने का सही तरीका कौन-कौन सा है। आज के आर्टिकल में हम आपको बताने वाले हैं कि आप म्युचुअल फंड में इन्वेस्ट कैसे कर सकते हैं और कौन-कौन से प्लेटफार्म में म्युचुअल फंड में इन्वेस्ट करने के लिए सबसे बेस्ट है। What is a Mutual Fund? म्युचुअल फंड में इन्वेस्ट करने से पहले आपको म्युचुअल फंड के बारे में जानकारी होनी चाहिए म्युचुअल फंड एक ऐसा इन्वेस्टमेंट प्लेटफार्म है जहां पर बहुत सारी कंपनी के स्टॉक होते हैं और म्युचुअल फंड वाली कंपनियां इन सभी स्टॉक में अपना पैसा शॉर्ट टर्म और लॉन्ग टर्म के लिए

Apple stock price prediction 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, to 2040

Before buying, holding, and selling any stock, one must know the forecast price of that stock, our apple stock price prediction article is based on analysts,
This aapl price prediction is prepared according to the technical analysis of Apple Inc company and graph analysis of past apple stock etc.,
Apple Inc company has given good returns to its stockholders and in the future people expect good returns from the stock of this company,

Apple NASDAQ: AAPL stock price historical overviews

All the products of Apple Inc company are obtained at a good price with good quality and this always benefits the company’s business, so investors are preferring to buy aapl stock like apple products,
Its share price was 0.070 USD on 26 March 1982, after that in November 2004 aapl share price was seen above 1 USD,
If you look at the historical price of Apple’s past stock, you will find that its stock has seen a steady rise since 2004,
After some fall in aapl stock, bounced again and in March 2022, aapl stock price was seen from around USD 160 to USD 167,

Apple Inc company Overview

It is the first publicly traded company in the US to be valued at $1 trillion in 2018, $2 trillion in August 2021, and $3 trillion in January 2022.
In this way, you can see how the company is progressing by adopting new technology from its management and Apple maintains its name in the market by launching new products every year,
If you want to earn money from the stock market in the future then you can invest in company stock from our given apple stock projections,
Basic financial information of Apple Inc. as of update July 2022. (Currency in USD)

  • Company name – AAPL – Apple Inc.
  • Full Time Employees: around 154,000
  • Sector(s): Technology
  • Headquarters – One Apple Park Way Cupertino, CA 95014, United States
  • Industry: Consumer Electronics
  • Market Cap – 2.369T
  • Market Cap (intraday) – 2.25T
  • Volume – 63,485,773 ( as on june 2022)
  • Avg. Volume – 94,170,000
  • Total Cash (mrq) – 51.51B
  • Forward P/E – 21.93
  • Trailing P/E – 22.59
  • P.E Ratio – 23.8
  • Revenue Per Share (ttm) – 23.47
  • Revenue (ttm) – 386.02B
  • Enterprise Value – 2.32T
  • Enterprise Value / EBITDA – 17.42
  • EBITDA – 130.63B
  • 1 Month Return – -3.88%
  • 3 Month Return – -11.6%
  • 1 Year Return – -1.09%
  • 5 year return – 263.7%
  • Operating Cash Flow (ttm) – 116.43B
  • Gross Profit (ttm) – 152.84B
  • Levered Free Cash Flow (ttm) – 84.38B
  • EPS (TTM) – 6.14
  • 0.07% – % of Shares Held by All Insider
  • 59.72% – % of Shares Held by Institutions
  • 59.77% – % of Float Held by Institutions
  • 5,488 – Number of Institutions Holding Shares
  • 1 Year aapl stock price target Estimate – 185.45

Apple stock predictions 2022

The first apple stock forecast 2022 will be around $175.68 and the Second apple price target 2022 will be $183.47 based on the company’s financial overview, historical charts, analyst rating, technical analysis, etc.
Before investing in AAPL stock, an investor should be aware of the stock news, the historical price of the stock, investments, financial information, etc.
Apple Inc.’s products are widely bought in all countries, this company provides computers, laptops, smart watches, Apple TV, electronic gadgets, mobile services, software, online services, etc.
organization name is Apple Inc. which is in the electronics-related industry and is headquartered in Cupertino, California,
The company has more than 1,54,000 employees as of 2022, including in major countries of the world, If you invest in aapl stock then you can get to see apple stock 2022 figures mentioned by us,


Apple stock price forecast 2022

July 2022

Low price – 143.90 USD

Medium price – 146.10 USD

High price – 149.87 USD

August 2022

Low price – 147.30 USD

Medium price – 149.42 USD

High price – 152.95 USD

September 2022

Low price – 151.48 USD

Medium price – 157.69 USD

High price – 159.20 USD

October 2022

Low price – 155.60 USD

Medium price – 162.85 USD

High price – 167.72 USD

November 2022

Low price – 161.89 USD

Medium price – 171.57 USD

High price – 175.49 USD

December 2022

Low price – 165.70 USD

Medium price – 175.52 USD

High price – 183.47 USD

Apple stock forecast 2023
According to the company’s increasing revenue, new product launching, etc., Experts believe that 1st apple stock price prediction 2023 may be USD 198.67 and 2nd apple stock price target could be USD 249.39,
This company works on many types of technology, so we can get to see its share price four times in the future, read also Rivian stock price prediction 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, to 2040
Apple Inc does many types of work, due to which its revenue increases every year, which is as follows –

  • game subscription service,
  • Apple Arcade,
  • subscription news and magazine service,
  • Apple TV – which offers exclusive original content,
  • co-branded credit card,
  • Apple Pay,
  • cashless payment service,
  • small and mid-sized businesses,
  • distributes third-party applications,
  • Apple products sell through retail and online stores,
  • third-party cellular network carriers,
  • wholesalers, retailers, and resellers. of products,
  • cloud services store services,
  • App Store, Apple Music,
  • Apple TV, Watch, Beats products, HomePod, iPod touch, computer, AirPods Max, home, and accessories comprising AirPods, smartphones, etc.

apple price prediction 2024
Based on the company’s stock analysis, this stock gives good returns to its investors in 1 month, 1 year, and 5 years according to which 1st aapl stock forecast price of 2024 will be around USD 289.42 and the second aapl forecast price will be USD 347.64,

Apple stock price prediction 2025

Looking at the traded valuations of the past 2018, 2021, and 2022, experts believe that the first aapl stock forecast 2025 will be around USD 392.57 and the second apple stock price prediction 2025 will be around USD 427.89,
Investors can see the Apple stock price at the highest level in the years 2025 and 2030 because the investors who bought this stock are most searched for apple stock forecast 2025 and apple stock price prediction 2030 in google,
Let us tell you that most of the investors in the stock market investments for 5, 10, 15, and 20 years, so in these long-term years you can see more volatility in apple stock,
Apple stock forecast 5 years and more

Yearsaapl stock predictions
apple stock forecast 2026Target 1 price – 472.10 USD

Target 2 price – 489.32 USD

apple forecast 2027Target 1 price – 512.15 USD

Target 2 price – 567.65 USD

outlook for apple stock 2028Target 1 price – 588.70 USD

Target 2 price – 619.29 USD

aapl projections 2029Target 1 price – 647.10 USD

Target 2 price – 682.32 USD

Apple stock forecast 2030

If company revenue will increase every year, we will see first apple stock forecast 2030 price of 712.58 USD and second apple stock price prediction 2030 around 768.69 USD,
This company launches new smart products every year, due to which its customers increase and the company gets an increase in revenue,
Apple stock long term forecast 2031 to 2040

Years Apple stock predictions
2031Target 1 price – 796.40 USD

Target 2 price – 829.66 USD

2032Target 1 price – 879.80 USD

Target 2 price – 908.52 USD

2033Target 1 price – 939.70 USD

Target 2 price – 978.32 USD

2034Target 1 price – 1039.20 USD

Target 2 price – 1065.82 USD

2035Target 1 price – 1087.40 USD

Target 2 price – 1119.59 USD

2036Target 1 price – 1125.60 USD

Target 2 price – 1169.92 USD

2037Target 1 price – 1172.50 USD

Target 2 price – 1230.63 USD

2038Target 1 price – 1253.69 USD

Target 2 price – 1278.89 USD

2039Target 1 price – 1325.90 USD

Target 2 price – 1397.85 USD

Apple stock price prediction 2040
Company will make many such smart products in the coming time which will be according to the new generation and this will see an increase in apple stock price, based on this we have to see first apple stock forecast 2040 around 1465 USD and second aapl stock price target will be USD 1520,
Should I buy Apple shares?
If you look at the above-mentioned apple stock forecast 2022, then most of the experts recommend this stock to buy,
Apple works in a variety of technology and services of the company, so its share price will increase in the future, apple stock price today.
If you are thinking of buying Apple shares then you can make an analysis and investment in this company based on its business, investments, quarterly financial report, etc.
Hold or Sell NASDAQ: AAPL stock in 2022?
If you do a historical analysis of this stock, then it will be known that the stock of Apple company gives good returns in 5 years or more, so the longer you hold its stock, you can get good returns,
Important information has been provided to you in this Apple Stock Price Prediction 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2040 article, according to which you can plan your investments,
This information has been told to you based on technical analysis of the company, the share price of apple depends on various factors, so invest carefully,


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