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Welcome to our website, and today we are going to talk about the bank nifty 9 20 strategy because having the right strategy for Bank Nifty is essential. Under the 9 20 trading strategy , if you want to trade in Bank Nifty, you need to understand the current market conditions and make trades based on that. Many people have talked about Bank Nifty Strategy in the market. If you want to trade options in Bank Nifty, you should know the right strategy. Around 9:20, there are various market conditions, and it’s crucial to understand these conditions and buy trades based on the current trend. This approach can potentially yield good profits. If there is a 400-point gap in the market, and the market has been trending for several days, buying a trade around 9:20 can be beneficial. Even if there’s negative news causing a gap down in the market, don’t be too worried. The impact of bad news usually lasts for one to two days. You need to watch calmly for 5 minutes, and if you see a gap down follow

Yes Bank target price 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, to 2040

In this article, we are going to give you information about yes bank target price, if you want to invest in Yes Bank stock and want to know about the target then you have to read this article completely,

There are many such Android applications in the market with the help of which one can invest in the stock market.

In today’s time, everyone wants to earn money by investing in the stock market because now investing in the stock market has become much easier than before,

Overview of yes Bank

Yes Bank is an Indian bank that provides banking facilities to the people, Yes Bank was established in 2003, Yes Bank has small branches in all the states of India, and lakhs of people have opened their accounts in Yes Bank,

The bank presents the finance report on its website every year so that the investor can also know about the financial position of the bank,

This bank is working in India since 2003 and has branches in all the states of India, Yes Bank was listed on the stock market in 2005 so that the bank can take money from the stock market and carry forward its business,

Yes Bank presented its financial report in 2022 in which the bank made a profit of about Rs 371 crore, in the 2021 report the bank made a profit of Rs 265 crore,

The financial condition of the bank is improving a lot, but before 2022 the finance report of Yes Bank always came in losses, in this the Government of India is also helping to improve the financial condition of the bank,

Financial overview of Yes Bank Limited

Yes Bank Limited trades on these stock exchanges which include NSE: YESBANK, BOM: 532648,

Here is the general financial information of Yes Bank Limited Company, according to which investors can make investment plans, updated on June 2022.

Market Cap330.231B INR
Market Cap (intraday)349.77B INR
Volume 10,395,766 INR ( as on june 2022)
PE Ratio (TTM)31.31
EPS (TTM)0.42
Revenue (ttm)84.15B
1 Month Return2.71%
3 Month Return3.51%
1 Year Return -7.04%
Operating Cash Flow (ttm) -106.19B
EPS Growth ( based on last 12 months) -121.01%
NPA Ratio ( as of 9 June 2022)5.87%
Institutional shareholding ( YOY change) (53.79%) -6.64%
Promoter shareholding ( YOY change) (0.0%)0.0%

Annual Net Profit of Yes Bank

YearsValue in INR Crore

Annual Revenue of Yes Bank

YearsValue in INR Crore

Return on Equity % of Yes Bank

2019 -63.04

Historical Price of Yes Bank Share

Talking about the historical value of the share price of Yes Bank in the previous years, it was listed in the stock market at Rs 12.37 and initially, the share price of Yes Bank saw a rapid increase,

The share price of Yes Bank saw a slight decline in 2009 and its share price fluctuated between 2017, 

After this, there was a sharp increase in the share price of Yes Bank at the end of 2017 and the price reached above Rs 300,

In 2018 the share price of Yes Bank was Rs 393 but in the last months of 2018 the share price of Yes Bank started declining and this decline continued to increase in 2021 the share price of Yes Bank reached Rs 13,

The share price of Yes Bank has been declining continuously for a long time, its historical price has not been very good,

The financial position of the Bank and the share price of YES BANK have seen significant deterioration over time and every year after YES BANK presents its financial reports, the share price declines,

The biggest reason for the decline in the share price of Yes Bank is that the bank has a lot of debt, Those people to whom the bank has given loans, those people have not yet returned the bank loan, due to which the bank has to bear the brunt every year,

The stock of this bank was sold by 80% of people in 2021 and 15% of the people had bought Yes Bank stock, so investors want to sell, buy, or hold their yes bank share by looking at the yes bank long term target,

yes bank share price target 2022

An investor wants to know about yes bank target price 2022 because many people had bought Yes Bank stock for Rs 9 and after that, there was a slight increase in the stock price, and many people kept Yes Bank stock,

The financial condition of Yes Bank is gradually improving, because SBI Bank, Reserve Bank, and the Government are also giving full support to this bank so that the bank can be saved from drowning,

According to which the first target of yes bank is 15 rupees and the second yes bank share target 2022 is going to be around 16 rupees, yes bank share price today.

2022 Month wise yesbank share price targetyes bank target
June 2022

Lower price – 12.70 INR

Medium price – 13.01 INR

 Highest price – 13.70 INR

July 2022

Lower price – 12.90 INR

 Medium price – 13.20 INR

 Highest price – 13.89 INR

August 2022Lower price – 13.30 INR

Medium price – 13.42 INR

Highest price – 13.95 INR

September 2022Lower price – 13.48 INR

Medium price – 13.69 INR

Highest price – 14.20 INR

October 2022Lower price – 13.60 INR

Medium price – 13.85 INR

Highest price – 14.62 INR

November 2022Lower price – 13.90 INR

Medium price – 14.59 INR

Highest price – 15.49 INR

December 2022 Lower price – 14.70 INR

Medium price – 15.62 INR

Highest price – 16.05 INR

yes bank share price target 2023

The financial condition of the bank is looking good in 2022 as compared to 2020 and 2021, according to which there will be a change in the share price of Yes Bank in 2023 and 2023 the first Yes Bank target will be Rs 17 and the second Yes Bank target will be around Rs 19,

Yes Bank submitted its first finance report in 2022 and in this report, Yes Bank has earned a profit of 300 crores. This report of Yes Bank shows that the bank is improving its financial position,

The bank is continuously reducing its debt and in the coming time, there may be a lot of change in the share price of Yes Bank from the last finance report of 2022.

yes bank share price target 2024

This bank is getting financial support from the government and SBI Bank, which may increase the share price of Yes Bank Ltd., Based on this, in 2024, the first Yes Bank share price target of Rs 20 and the second yes bank share price target of around Rs 22 can be seen.

yes bank share price target 2025

Yes Bank is also helping to provide all financial facilities and banking facilities to its customers. Yes Bank is also using online finance technology, which is making a lot of profit for the bank, In 2025, the first target of Yes Bank stock price will be Rs 24 and the second yes bank share price prediction 2025 will be Rs 26.

The financial condition of Yes Bank will improve a lot by 2025 as the Government of India and SBI Bank are also supporting Yes Bank.

Some experts believe that the target price of Yes Bank may reach above Rs 30 in 2025 because the Government of India is making many changes regarding banks, In which the merger of such banks can see a jump in their shares,

yes bank share price target for long term

Years yes bank long term target
2026Target 1 price – 28.10 INR

Target 2 price – 32.32 INR

2027Target 1 price – 33.15 INR

Target 2 price – 35.65 INR

2028Target 1 price – 34.78 INR

Target 2 price – 38.29 INR

2029Target 1 price – 43.10 INR

Target 2 price – 49.32 INR

yes bank share price target 2030

This bank is paying more attention to the credit scheme to give benefits to its customers and now the bank has become a little strict in giving loans to the people, By 2030, Yes Bank can return to its earlier position, 2030 the yes bank share target price will be Rs 57 and the second target price will be Rs 68.

Many banks that compete with Yes Bank have come into the market, so along with giving competition to these banks, it is also bringing new schemes to introduce people to banking facilities,

yes bank long term target is 2031 to 2040

Years yes bank share price predictions
2031Target 1 price – 72.40 INR

Target 2 price – 77.66 INR

2032Target 1 price – 79.80 INR

Target 2 price – 86.52 INR

2033Target 1 price – 89.70 INR

Target 2 price – 97.32 INR

2034Target 1 price – 105.20 INR

Target 2 price – 112.82 INR

2035Target 1 price – 114.40 INR

Target 2 price – 119.59 INR

2036Target 1 price – 125.60 INR

Target 2 price – 132.92 INR

2037Target 1 price – 142.50 INR

Target 2 price – 147.63 INR

2038Target 1 price – 153.69 INR

Target 2 price – 168.89 INR

2039Target 1 price – 175.90 INR

Target 2 price – 187.85 INR

yes bank target price of 2040

According to experts, the share of yes bank can see a jump again after a long time, Based on which they have placed first Yes Bank stock target at Rs 198 and second Yes Bank stock price target in 2040 at around Rs 270,

Our expert has three opinions about Yes Bank, in which first he believes that this bank can be merged with another bank, 

Second is that this bank is spread on a very large scale so that it can return to its earlier economic condition,

The third opinion is that by merging this bank with any other government bank, the government can control its stock,


Should I buy Yes Bank share?

Out of our 10 analysts, 7 analysts recommend buy and hold and three experts tell them not to buy,

If the bank’s financial position improves by the end of 2022 or you see a profit in its quarterly financial results, you can buy its shares,

Hold or Sell Yes Bank Shares in 2022?

Experts believe that if you have taken the shares of Yes Bank then you should keep them till the end of 2022 as its share price may increase in the future,

The target price of Yes Bank Limited given here is as per stock experts, these figures keep on changing according to the financial position of the bank, annual report, etc.

This article is written for the information of investors, we are not responsible for any financial risk, you should invest in this stock according to your financial advisor, read our website disclaimer,


This Yes Bank target price article is based on historical price, financial results, and smart technical analysis, you can read the target price of other stocks on our website,

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